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Floors Mecca a Katy based flooring and remodeling company; we offer a wide range of exceptional and reliable flooring and remodeling services in Cinco Ranch, Katy, Houston and all surrounding areas.


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Floor Mecca is a trusted remodeling and flooring store that has served Cinco Ranch, Katy, Houston and all the surrounding areas for more than 10 years. Our team of remodeling experts and flooring general contractors have helped numerous residential and commercial clients achieve the vision they have for their homes and businesses! We will always work to impress our clients with the quality of our services from the moment you visit our flooring store to the moment we turn the key back to you after we finish the work.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge and expertise in flooring and remodeling our experts will provide you with all the knowledge you need about flooring and remodeling, help you eliminate the guess out of the question and get you the best out of your investment while delivering technically and visually captivating results for your flooring and remodeling project. Trust your project with us as we always strive to provide excellent customer service, unmatched flooring services and outstanding remodeling services for all our clients in Katy and Houston in general.

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Looking for trusted remodeling and flooring store in katy, Houston or Texas in general to manage your project? You’re in the right place! Floors Mecca team of flooring contractors and remodeling experts are dedicated to deliver outstanding flooring services and remodeling services to all our clients.

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Ethics, integrity, customer satisfaction and hard work are some of the core values our company in built upon. Floors Mecca Flooring and remodeling experts work to make things simple and clear while delivering outstanding results on-time and on-budget. We consider flooring and remodeling a work of art and we promise to help you create a unique piece that represent your vision. Tell us what you need and leave the worry behind we got you!

Backed with our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in every aspect of home remodeling services, commercial remodeling services and flooring services, we will stand behind what we do to give our clients the best flooring services and the best remodeling services today. We aim to keep Floors Mecca your favorite and most trusted remodeling and flooring store in Cinco Ranch, Katy, Houston and all the surrounding areas.


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Hire us today, and we promise to impress you with the quality of our work! Ethics, honesty, integrity, hard work and client satisfaction are some of the core values our business is built upon. Request your free remodeling estimate or flooring estimate today, and leave the rest to us! Floors Mecca remodeling experts and flooring contractors will cover everything your project needs to create visually and technically captivating spaces for you to enjoy peacefully for years to come.

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